Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Life Chain is coming soon

Each October since I was a little girl, I remember standing on the streets outside St Vincent's or St Gabriel's in Charlotte bravely holding pro-life signs.

I always thought that the Life Chain didn't last long enough. By the time we got our signs and found a nice place to stand, it would be time to return our signs, stowing them away until next year.

For most people, the annual life chain is the only chance they have to be involved in the pro-life movement.

If your parish is having a life chain on October 5, join in if you can. And, think about other ways you can be involved in the pro-life movement throughout the year. If the sign you hold says "Jesus Forgives & Heals," consider promoting a local "Rachel's Vineyard" retreat for healing after abortion.

If your sign says "Abortion Kills Children," consider donating to a local pregnancy care center.

If you are holding the message, "Adoption: The Loving Option," spend some time in prayer for kids in foster care who are awaiting placement.

Don't be afraid to use the Life Chain as a springboard to more involvement in the pro-life cause. These little babies won't have a funeral or a grave, but you can make sure they don't die without loving prayer.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Where does a satanic group get a Sacred Host?

Thanks to Catholic watchdog groups such as the Catholic League and TFP, grassroots action has stopped sacrilegious "black masses" at Harvard and in Oklahoma City in the past few months.

Thankfully, the shrewd Archbishop of Oklahoma City Paul Coakley thought quickly: he sued the satanic group and demanded the return of the Blessed Sacrament. On Thursday, his office announced the return of the Sacred Host and the agreement with the group that they wouldn't desecrate a Host at this event as planned.

Although he doesn't explicitly say so, I'm sure that Fr Timothy Reid wrote his column in last weekend's church bulletin with these recent scandals on his mind.

While Catholics are allowed to receive Holy Communion in the hand at Novus Ordo Masses, I think it’s good to keep in mind that doing so is not the “normal” way of receiving Holy Communion. Personally I question if it is a good idea to receive in the hand as small fragments from the Hosts often flake off and can be easily lost (and thus desecrated). If you do choose to receive this way, please ensure that any fragments or crumbs from the Host are consumed. I’m always amazed how many small fragments of the Host flake off onto my fingers as I offer Mass, and so I encourage you to be as vigilant as possible about this. Remember: even the smallest fragment of a Host is our Lord!

Moreover, it seems to me that receiving in the hand robs that most sub lime moment of the Mass of some of its mystery and reverence. We’ve all had the experience as children of being told not to touch something because it was so valuable. As we consider the value of the Eucharist, we should be even more leery of touching It. While I find most of you to be very reverent, handling the Host as we would any common object can have the unwanted effect of making us lose sight of the sacredness of the Eucharist. We should avoid any casualness in receiving Holy Communion not only because God deserves as much respect and reverence as we can muster, but also because being reverent is good for our souls and helpful for our salvation!
After all if those with evil intentions are to obtain the Blessed Sacrament for ill purpose, they have to get it from somewhere. How much easier is it for a Sacred Host to be stolen when placed in someone's hands where it could easily be stashed away rather than directly in his mouth?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Modest clothing

Alright ladies! It's time to review some of the season's latest fashions that also are modest! No brown sacks here, just beautiful clothing! 

I think she looks like Jackie O!

(note! don't wear this so-called shirt-dress without the jeans underneath!)
a great way to cure an obnoxious plunging neckline

Thank you nice gal on Facebook for posting this gown! 


I think this would look better with cowboy boots... and a smile!

and finally, two bathing suits that flatter and don't offend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mad you were told why?

My high school alma mater, Charlotte Catholic High School, is embroiled in quite a battle right now: the students have risen up against the administration over a school assembly in which they were explained why the Church teaches what she does about homosexuality.

Yes, the students are mad they were told why the Catholic Church holds these teachings.

Many emails have been going around urging us to write to school and diocesan officials to register our support. Here's the letter I wrote to acting principal, Angela Montague.
Dear Mrs. Montague,

I hope you will remember me; I was in your homeroom the year that Holy Trinity Middle opened. I have since married and am settled back in Charlotte with my husband. While we do not have school-aged children yet, I wanted to write to you to thank you for giving the students at Charlotte Catholic the opportunity two weeks ago to hear Sr. Jane Dominic speak so directly about God's plan for marriage and sexuality.

When I was a CCHS student in the 90s, we would have an annual prolife assembly. One year, it was a girl who had survived an attempted abortion. Another year, it was a college student whose girlfriend had an abortion, and he was helpless to save the life of his son/daughter. These talks had a tremendous impact on my life. While in the classroom, fellow students would mock and belittle the Church's teachings on the sanctity of life, challenging them openly and not listening to the very rational reasons why the Church teaches what she does about life issues, these assemblies made me realize that in the wider world, there were people committed to the prolife message and to spreading it. I went from CCHS to be very active in prolife activities in college, and for 4 years after College worked full-time in prolife activism and education. God has now given me the opportunity to serve the prolife needs of the Church by being the respect life coordinator of my parish.

In the 90s, abortion and contraception were the debated topics; homosexuality rarely came up. We generally understood it to be perverted and disordered. I guess much has happened in 15 years. It breaks my heart that these young Catholics attending CCHS have been so brainwashed by the media that they fail to see how nature is intended: naturally, man and woman are made for one another. I am sure that for as many vocal students upset about the Church's teachings, there are students like me who are relieved to hear such rational and encouraging explanations for the Church's teachings.

Don't give up the good fight, Mrs. Montague. Thank you (and all of the leadership of CCHS) for giving these students the chance to know and understand the Truth. I will continue to pray for them.

Most sincerely,

Mary B. (Worthington '00)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Abby's misguided advice

A woman writes to "Dear Abby" today confessing a past abortion and explaining how this may have had an effect in her daughter's life and their mother-daughter relationship.

Dear Abby's response? 
The fact that you aborted a child before your daughter's birth has nothing to do with her.
I immediately accessed her website and sent the following reply:
Dear Abby,
I read today's advice with dismay. I believe that your advice that "The fact that you aborted a child before your daughter's birth has nothing to do with her" is misguided. Many children suffer emotional and psychological distress over the knowledge of a parent's abortion-- whether before or after his/her birth. Although the DSM doesn't recognize abortion as a life event that causes psychological trauma, in many cases, it does. For this reason, there are many abortion recovery ministries, many sponsored by churches, to help women and men forgive themselves and accept God's forgiveness for participating in the murder of a child. For siblings of aborted children, these ministries can help them to recognize that their sibling is in heaven with God, and to forgive their parents for this mistake.

A sibling would be disturbed psychologically by the murder of his born sibling. Why should it be different for his unborn sibling?

Please search for a phrase like "aborted siblings" online and read some articles and stories on this topic.

Thank you for listening to my comments.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Target now selling porn outfits for teen girls

I just saw the new advertisement on the front page of Target's website that they are now selling a "Sports Illustrated collection" of bathing suits for teen girls and women.

As you can see, I blacked out to pornographic portion of the screenshot
The Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit" edition is known for being pornographic in nature and violating the dignity of women. It isn't about advertising women's swimsuits; after all, it's not a catalog, and the majority of SI subscribers are men. It's about violating women and providing some soft-core porn to their male readers at the expense of women.

Because both Target and WalMart sell pornographic Maxim, Playboy and similar magazines, prescription and OTC contraceptives, and immodest clothing, it's hard to say to boycott one or the other. I, for one, have registered for our baby at Target.

But, it's time for us not to be shy in telling these companies how we feel. Yesterday, I sent letters to Food Lion, Bank of America and General Motors to express my dismay at their support of homosexuality. These stores are a little easier to put on the boycott list as there are replacements that do not support immoral habits. But, what can you replace Target with!?

When I went to their corporate website to get contact information, I see that they are also endorsed by the homosexual-advocacy group "Human Rights Campaign." Please mention that you are also dismayed at this unfortunate endorsement.

Here's how to contact Target's corporate office to express your concern:
Mr. Gregg Steinhafel, CEO
Target Headquarters
33 S 6th St
Minneapolis, MN 55402