Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Making a good apology to God in the face of scandal

I imagine there are many people all over the internet commenting on and venting about the news of the current scandal in the Church involving sexually active clergy who have used their perversion and lust to prey on vulnerable souls entrusted to them, particularly altar boys and seminarians.  What a sad pity.  Here are the thoughts on my heart that I hope bring you some hope:

This news broke just as our city, Charlotte, was about to have its annual "Gay Pride" celebration. I couldn't help but be moved by the irony here.  On one hand, many are dismayed, shocked and sickened by the clergy committing the very same acts as are being "celebrated" in the gay march.  Why hold the clergy to a higher standard if we ourselves are willing to accept the sin in our fellow brethren?  Could it be, rather, that the clergy who have done these horrible things have by their silence (in the confessional and from the pulpit) regarding homosexuality and other sexual sins led us to participate in the very things they thought to be their own personal preferences?  Thus, the leprosy of sexual sin has seeped into the lives of all of us from the greatest to the least.

I do recall that on one occasion, I confessed a sin to a priest and was told point-blank that it wasn't something to worry about.  That I was trying to be a good person, and that I should rather work on the sins against charity than the sins against holy sexuality!

But, thankfully, I knew better. I knew sin was sin.  "What's right is right even if no one is doing it. What's wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it."

One Catholic website complied this list of Dos and Don'ts for Catholics to talk to those dismayed and irritated by the Church's current sin. 

And, in the Diocese of Charlotte, something wonderful is happening to upend the infection of sin in the seminaries: a new seminary based in virtue and forming men in holiness and respect for holy sexuality and purity and celibacy.  This is the text of Father Kauth's homily to his seminarians.

And, one more thought: Fr. Reid told us on Sunday to make reparation by giving up something (Chocolate for me, of course) to make reparation and to apologize to God for these horrible sins.  "Don't think this doesn't go unnoticed by God," Father said. And what a comfort that is to the victims: That God is on their side and wishes their healing and redemption. 

Let us pray...

EDIT: I should also have included the link to the USCCB's response.   Of note are two very important points:
  1. That lay leadership and oversight of our bishops will be established
  2. Pray for our priests and bishops and for the Pope

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Another reason not to Amazon

I don't like Amazon. Their prices can sometimes be higher than elsewhere. Their website is hard to navigate. Even with as infrequently as I shop there, I've received several products over the years that are clearly fallen off a truck.

But today, I have a real reason why I am no longer an Amazon customer: this ad.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Take a closer look. That's clearly two females.

Last summer, IKEA did it: started using advertising with same-gender people in bed together. I miss IKEA!  But, there are alternatives, I don't need IKEA. There are also alternatives to Amazon, I don't need them.

There's no getting around it: boycotts work. When Christians stand together against corporate policies that violate our consciences, businesses do feel the consequences.  For example: the boycott of Target several years ago over their bathroom policy... revisited one year later

I know my readership is small... but if you're reading this, please consider joining me in this boycott!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nursing clothes I could get used to

When I had my first child, I received some lovely nursing tops from my sister, but unfortunately, I found them to be too cumbersome to use.  The American style of nursing wear, limited as it is, just has too much fabric to deal with to get your little one nursing.

And, I've never been able to get used to nursing covers, as popular as they are.  That was just another layer of bulk that I just couldn't navigate while trying to be discreet and calm a fussy babe at the same time.

So, for Baby 1 and Baby 2, I used the tank top and regular shirt method.

But, by the time, I weaned Baby 2, I was tired of always wearing a heavy tank under my clothes and missed proper undergarments.  

About that time, I saw a Mama at Mass with a lovely dress on.... and then later on, I saw her nursing one of her twins.  Nursing?!  In a dress!?  That's not pulled down and exposing everything?  

It's pretty simple: the dress has a second layer over the top of the dress, reaching just below the bust, and there are discreet slits under to access your nursing bra. So, simply-put, the dress has a built-in nursing cover... but the dress is not frumpy or tacky.

So, I asked her where she got it, and saw they had plenty of selection. Here's the dress I recently purchased from ASOS.

And, yes, it can be a maternity dress too!  It's super soft and comfortable and truly modest.    I can't wait to start nursing!!

So, to search for such dresses and tops isn't easy at all. They're not very affordable (or available, really) in the American market, so you need to search European and South American websites... using all that Spanish that you may remember from grade school.  Here are some other websites with lovely, affordable nursing wear that I found.  Some don't yet ship to USA, but hopefully soon!

Luz Natal
Coco Maternity

And, here is just one site with DIY suggestions for you if you sew.  There are lots of hacks, especially on Pintrest.

Do you know of other nursing sewing patterns, hacks or stores?  Let me know and share with other readers in the comments below.