Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Christian woman’s response to pornography

In the random pieces of mail today, I came across a very graphic and inappropriate sex-education manual for use for fifth graders. This manual condoned various sorts of immoral sexual activity, and an understanding of human sexuality that did not recognize its dignity or origin as a gift from God. This was greatly disturbing to me.

May is Victims of Pornography Month and is remembered by pro-family organizations such as Concerned Women for America. On the other hand, organizations such as the Planned Parenthood dupe many innocent and well-meaning people into thinking that sexual promiscuity and dysfunction is normal and proper for human development. These organizations do not promote a just cause as is commonly thought. In reality, they promote behavior and attitude that leads to sexual addictions including pornography.

Pornography is not innocent. It is the root of many sex crimes including serial killings, rapes and even abortion. Even worse, its primary victim is the user who looses his or her soul and possibly the prospect of Eternal Life.

Pornography comes in many different media and degrees. Many young men think it is “okay” to have magazines such as GQ, Stuff or the SI Swimsuit Issue, and that these are harmless. Though obscenity laws do not prohibit the sale of these items, the content of those magazines (as seen from the cover!) is dangerous. “Hard core” porn involves violent attacks against women and children who become victims during the making of this disgusting material. In return, the consumers of this material tend to turn to such violent acts themselves.

As a woman, my heart aches to see these magazines in the bathrooms of houses of my guy friends. When this material is prominently displayed on the back of a toilet, not only do I know automatically that this young man, in some way, sees me as an object of lust, and not a person to be loved, but I also know that there is a deeper tragedy in his life that attempts to justify his use of this material. Sadly, many young men are never told of the evil or the dangers of pornography.

Just as with any addiction, experts speak about the peculiar challenges of overcoming an addiction to pornography. For any young man or woman with this particular struggle, I urge you to seek the forgiveness and healing mercy of our Lord in prayer and through the Sacraments. Also, surround yourself with good things. Throw out those magazines, keep your computer filtered and in a public location like the family room, listen to music that with a positive message. But, again, mostly pray.

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