Thursday, May 26, 2005


The Catholic News Agency reports that Viacom broadcasting company has made a documentary on Showtime that bashes Mother Teresa and her Sisters of Charity. The article explains some pretty colorful language that I will not repeat!

Mother Teresa is a woman who taught us how prayer and work fit harmoniously together. Her life was an example of love and of unity of people of good will.

In her 1994 speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, she gave us the following words.

“When He was dying on the Cross, Jesus said, "I thirst." Jesus is thirsting for our love, and this is the thirst of everyone, poor and rich alike. We all thirst for the love of others, that they go out of their way to avoid harming us and to do good to us. This is the meaning of true love, to give until it hurts.”

It may have also been Mother Teresa who told us that everyone needs one holy hour a day. And if we’re too busy for that, then we need two holy hours a day!

Let us pray…

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