Thursday, May 19, 2005

Societal Suicide

Proposed legislation in California called the California Compassionate Choices Act has been a target for active protesting on the part of anti-euthanasia activists. This legislation is mirrored after Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act” under which over 200 persons have died (read: have been killed) during the past 8 years.

Here is some text from the bill for your reflection: “[The California Compassionate Choices Act] would authorize an adult who meets certain qualifications, and who has been determined by his or her attending physician to be suffering from a terminal disease, as defined, to make a request for medication for the purpose of ending his or her life in a humane and dignified manner.”

This legislation would encourage the terminally ill by means of empowerment, not requirement, to seek a lethal dose of medication. Eliminating one’s life would become the means by which a terminally ill person would eliminate the pain of illness.

The Catholic Church warns against such legislation that makes a false attempt at creating a right to end ones own life under the spell of moral relativism. Of course, those who hate the Church think honest Christians and Catholics are opposed to such legislation “because the Church said so.” We trust the Church and understand that she has reasons why she says so, and it is the “why” that matters.

A great article about today’s protests at Assemblywoman Patty Berg's office outline very nicely real threats to society that accompany such bizarre legislation.

Just as with the abortion issue, not only is the killing (or causing/ allowing the death) of a person wrong in itself, a society that condones such behavior is committing suicide themselves. Nazi Germany, World War II and the Nuremburg trials are clear evidence.

“Those who refuse to learn from history are bound to repeat it…”

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