Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Homosexual activists are heightening their efforts to bring sympathy and support to their sinful agenda. With no surprise, they have the mainstream media on their side as well as the money to be able to lobby the lawmakers to be sympathetic to their cause. Along with indoctrinating our school children (via sex education) that this lifestyle is normal and healthy, two of their most pressing goals are for the legal right to marriage and adopt children.

These goals pose both a significant moral dilemma as well as practical challenges. First, children who are adopted often struggle with identity questions along with the social stigma of being adopted. Second, while there are many children in foster homes awaiting adoption, most parents desire an infant of their same race. There are simply not enough children to go around. Third, through many adoption programs, the birth mother chooses the family who will adopt the child.

Difficulties in finding a child to adopt are often overlooked in these one-sided media reports describing the desires of “gay lovers” to have a child of their own to raise. From the above facts, it seems that the only children open to adoption would be foster children. These children are the most at-risk and often have a very emotional disturbed and unstable past. Placement of these children in homes of gay lovers would only increase their instability and further their emotional distress.

Statistics show that the early 1970s was the most popular era for adoption. It is no surprise that the early 1970s is also the time when abortion became increasingly legal and popular. In 1973, abortion became legal across the board when Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were passed.

Almost immediately, there came an attitude shift toward adoption. No longer were birth parents giving their children to adoptive families out of love or responsibility. These mothers were being lured to the abortion clinics to have their children destroyed.

Somehow, these gay activists are trying to gain support for their desire to adopt, and the practical challenges are being over looked. Perhaps gay couples in general do not want to adopt, but only want the legal ability to do so for the sake of the status of their agenda.

It is no surprise that in his speech on Monday, June 6, Pope Benedict XVI grouped together opposition to abortion, support of marriage between one man and one woman, and criticism of moral relativism. The below mentioned article quotes his words in their English translation.

“Benedict XVI underscored that "the various forms of dissolving marriages today, as well as free unions and 'trial marriages', including pseudo-marriage between people of the same sex, are, rather, expressions of an anarchical freedom, which passes itself off, wrongly, as the true liberation of man. Such pseudo-freedom is based on making the body banal, which inevitably includes making man banal."”

Simply put, children are not the right of a married couple, but a responsibility. It is the responsibility of our society through making public policy to protect our children by ensuring that this responsibility is put rightly on the thousands of husbands and wives willing and ready to adopt and raise the child in a loving home.

We must be careful to build up adoption as a loving option for a mother, establish the correct attitude toward children, and work vigorously to build a society that respects and condones right moral reasoning.

The Adoption History Project is an educational project of the Department of History at the University of Oregon. Their website has valuable articles and statistical reports on adoption.

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