Monday, June 27, 2005

Alas, a prayer!

Much to my relief, I found this prayer for a godchild in my inbox at work this morning. Phew!

This prayer is written by Jeannie Hannemann, M.A. of Elizabeth Ministry International.

Heavenly Father, I have received the gracious gift of becoming a godparent.

This unique role has bonded me to my godchild with a responsibility to nurture the flame of faith given at baptism. Please guide me in my efforts to safeguard the soul of this precious child.

I beseech you to protect my godchild from all temptations and open his/her heart to the sacredness of life. Instill in my godchild the awareness of Your presence, the desire for good and the blessings of eternal life.

This I ask, with confidence in the power of the most Blessed Trinity, through Mary our Mother. Amen.

Thank you Jeannie!

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