Thursday, June 16, 2005

Culturally balanced

Though your writer lives in New York City, she rarely takes advantage of opportunities to immerse herself in the richness of the culture of the City, especially on that long and famous road: Broadway. But, no more! I provide here this small explanation as an apology for not writing my usual reflection, however living fully as a human means that we must appreciate life fully, including the arts.

My brother's girlfriend was in town, and her group had one extra ticket to see Stomp! It was the most amazing performance I've ever seen! The theatre was covered from head to toe in random decorations from trash to road signs. The performers made music with the most curious mediums, from Zippo lighters to brooms, from wheels to trash cans, from newspapers to matchboxes, from kitchen sinks to plungers!! No words were spoken throughout the entire performance, yet you could see a personality in each of the performers.

From now on, those annoying little noises will be music to my ears and washing the dishes will be an opportunity to make music!

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