Friday, June 10, 2005

Dogs in strollers and children on leashes

Today’s topic is inspired by two individual pieces of correspondence. The first comes from a nice, elderly man from Texas who is devastated by the lack of unity among the numerous pro-life groups in his city. I spent a great deal of time explaining to him the value of creating unity without even saying the word by building up the work of fellow pro-life organizations, and sending genuine invitations to others in hopes that they will attend his group’s events. The man was grateful, and I learned a lot as well…

So, when I received this article, the wheels in my mind began to spin. There is so much that is said without even saying the word, I realized.

Troubled families in San Francisco speak about the epidemic trend of families moving out of the city for various reasons including better schools, family friendly environment, and more bang-for-your-buck when it comes to purchasing a home.

The following sentence sums up the problem that has turned so large that the mayor is instigating programs to lure families back into the city.

“A similar lament is being heard in San Francisco’s half-empty classrooms, in parks where parents are losing ground to dog owners, and in the corridors of City Hall.”


Look at the result of the sin of our nation! The article is even so bold as to attribute some of the problem to the large gay population in the town. The statistics are eerie. Our children are becoming an endangered species.

Yes, we as Americans have turned to pets as our new children. I live in NYC, and everyone has a dog. It is sick sometimes how these little furry critters become the children of the lonely individuals who tend to them. A special on TV tonight was highlighting doggy grooming spas, special diets for your pooch, exercise regimes for “daddy and doggie” or “mommy and mutt,” face lifts for the aging four legged friends. FACE LIFTS!?!?

Memories of my recent visit to St. Louis flooded backe to me. While there two weeks ago, we went to the “Gypsy Fair.” My intuition to be skeptical of a Gypsy Fair was right on target. One of the first things I saw was a small dog perched in a stroller. The stroller was being pushed by an older man with a large grin on his face. There were no children to be seen.

A mere few hours later, still at the same fair, I saw a mother dragging her child by a leash toward the beer coral. I was in shock! I though we had come to a family-friendly event, but these images were like freakish nightmares!

Sadly, these nightmares are coming true. Baby stores are being replaced by pet stores. Families include the name and picture of the family “member” on Christmas cards. Vera Wang is making specialty purses for your dog to sit in while you shop together on 5th Ave. Children are seen as a burden, and pets are seen as a responsibility.

O, God, have mercy on us!


  1. Just to save my own rear... I in no way mean to slam those who do have pets! I am simply pointing out a very odd trend I've seen recently.

  2. i am fully aware! thanks! they are place holders.