Monday, June 13, 2005

Human Love in the Divine Plan

I do not like to bore people with the details of my personal life, but when an experience so dramatically convinces a person of the reality of God’s love and desire for our hearts… I can’t help but share my experience briefly!

Last weekend, God brought closure to two situations that had been troubling me greatly concerning my vocation. A girl can’t help but wonder why God has created her. He has closed two doors and locked them tight. Only on the other side of eternity will I know why in full. Yet, I am so very grateful!

Last weekend, I also was blessed to attend a Theology of the Body conference given by Christopher West. In my desire to further my studies, I continually return to the “why” of human existence as well as origin of the sin in which we live. As I have said before, and I repeat now, it is from the proper understanding of human sexuality that the Culture of Life will be build. Christopher West explains with eloquence, passion and certainty Pope John Paul II’s great work, “The Theology of the Body.” I long to study this with greater depth in order to prepare myself to spread this message to the world.

Now, I abandon myself completely to His will, trust that He will provide for me, and trust that He will show me my vocation and apostolate with continued clarity.

So… I have begun my crusade to read all 129 talks given by our late John Paul the Great. I offer the following “study notes” for your consideration. I invite you all to join me in reading the full text of “The Theology of the Body.” (The book is available from Pauline Press. I will read at least one section per day, however each study session will begin by reading the previous day’s reading in its entirety. This “one step back, two forward” approach will help us to understand and grasp more fully the richness of this text. I am no expert- I am just learning! Please do not assume that reflections I give are correct. I welcome your input via the “comments” section.

“It is significant that in his reply to the Pharisees, in which he appealed to the ‘beginning,’ Christ indicated first of all the creation of man by referring to Genesis 1:27: ‘The Creator from the beginning created them male and female’” (p. 30)

We are “divided” as a human race (and of all species for that matter) into male and female. Since creation, this has been the most significant differing factor in our being. Therefore, it must say something of who we are as individuals. There are only two sexes. So, because I am woman, I must choose man; man must likewise choose woman. God provides billions of choices, but the only requirement is that he be “he.” For a man, the only requirement is that she be “she.” All other traits are accidental to our being; sex is substantial. Though eyes are the “windows” to the soul, God did not say, “I make thee blue eyed and brown eyed.” NO! He knew from all eternity that sex would be the differentiation of the persons of the human race.

“When God-Yahweh speaks the words about solitude, it is in reference to the solitude of ‘man’ as such, and not just to that of the male” (p. 35).

Yet, because of that, God created woman as a helper. Is this so they could procreate and live in unity? Like the Trinity, an entity of life-giving love and relation, family through sexual relation and procreation creates life-giving love and relationships. In our original solitude, we were created as social beings.

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