Thursday, June 23, 2005


I began to write this post on the Planned Parenthood and how they do not promote sexual health or responsibility. They clearly have an agenda for destroying sexual innocence and normalizing erotic and dysfunctional sexual relations. They are also the largest provider of abortion services, as well as a driving force for destroying the family through legislation, public policy and education that proscribes abortion, allows homosexual unions and destroys first amendment rights.

Well… I meandered onto their web site to pull some quotes and gazed on an article that hit very close to home for me. “Crisis pregnancy centers: enter at your own risk.” These are called “anti-choice” centers by the Planned Parenthood because they assist women in seeking real alternatives to abortion by providing women with resources and support to bring her child to birth. These centers then help women to parent or place the child for adoption. The Planned Parenthood does NOT do these things.

This article is about a woman who “never thought she’d need an abortion,” and when she went to the Planned Parenthood on 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, she was “tricked” into going to an Expectant Mother Care clinic, though she was looking “to exercise [her] own right to choose.”

I have counseled outside of the three abortion clinics housed in 44 Court Street many times, and I have personally seen many women turn around when they realize that abortion is harmful to them and that we will be able to link them with resources and support necessary to support their child.

“Laura P.,” who is described in the story, wants women “to know what their options are, and to know that places like this aren't any help at all.”

WAIT! Didn’t you mention earlier in this same article that this center had just given you a FREE pregnancy test and a FREE ultrasound? Hadn’t they said “the center would provide food and all of my prenatal care, including delivery?” Didn’t they promise to cover all of the baby’s medical expenses for the first “year or two?”

And that’s not help for her? O, dear!

This woman concludes her article by summarizing her “fear” of the pregnancy care center and the fact that she voluntarily gave them all of her contact information. “It's awful that they set up centers adjacent to Planned Parenthood health centers and try to manipulate women into believing we're sinners.”

Sinners? Hardly! Did anyone at EMC call her a sinner? Pregnancy care centers provide real resources for women in need and encourage them to live a life of chastity. If anyone is shaming a woman for being single and pregnant, it is the Planned Parenthood who desperately tries to eliminate all of these situations through abortions, while still condoning sexual promiscuity.

Furthermore, pregnancy care centers like EMC are the ones that provide the “clean up job” after abortion by directing women to post-abortion programs and care. That’s another thing the Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide.

The only thing the Planned Parenthood provides after an abortion is a handful of contraception… so they can make more money on the next “failure.”

If you know a woman who is pregnant, listen to her, understand her and her situation, and let her know that you love her and will help support her. Then, go with her to a pregnancy care center in your area that will also provide this support throughout her pregnancy and after the birth of her child.

For a link of pregnancy care centers, please see the OptionLine. For post-abortion care, please see the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

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