Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Men and Purity

(***This post is NOT meant for anyone under the age of 16.***)

I would like to share an article from In my quest to restore the real meaning of human sexuality to the world, I was relieved to see this article posted on (I am also grateful to Dr. McManaman for providing an easy-to-reference and user-friendly questionnaire for determining the morality of any action.)

This article is about masturbation. Along with contraception, this topic is skirted by most pro-life, pro-family organizations because we all just can’t seem to come to an agreement on its morality. With careful research and reflection, it is clear that this abuses must be addressed with vigor, in light of the Gospel and prayer, because they are at the root of the evils that we labor so hard to end.

Why are pornography, raunchy music, certain types of dancing, revealing clothing and lust wrong? Because these things usually lead to masturbation. Sadly, the only mention of this word typically seen is in disillusioned parenting books that encourage such behavior in infants and toddlers for “healthy sexual development” and the information given to our children in “sex education” classes that encourage children to experience sex “early and often.”

This one activity alone, masturbation, leads to a delusional view of one’s sexuality, improper behavior in romantic relationships, homosexuality, violence, abuse and rape. It perverts society and individuals.

Our Holy Church, in her infinite wisdom, issued a document called “The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family.” This is a must read for everyone, no matter if your vocation is marriage, the religious life or the single life. This document is another essential ingredient in restoring innocence and a proper understanding of human sexuality.

A special plea to all men: please pray to our Blessed Mother and Blessed St. Joseph for the strength to overcome these temptations. Please be an example to us women.

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