Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Re-writing the rules

Laws and public policy are and have been a very significant factor in spreading the culture of death. These laws have re-written the age-old traditions that have guarded human sexuality and guaranteed human life. These traditions have protected children, women, families and society at large. By re-writing the rules, human law has attempted to over-ride the natural law by erasing all legal penalty for such offenses as contraception, abortion, euthanasia and the like.

Yes, re-writing the rules. Yet so many people don’t even realize it is going on!

A few weeks ago, I was engaged in a lovely game of “ladder golf” with a dear friend, her cousin and her mother. Having never played this game before, my friend and I listened carefully as her cousin explained every rule we had to play by. It sounded easy enough, and we were soon beating our instructors at their own delightful little game. When the cousin got sidetracked by the idea of driving a golf-cart, an aunt came over to fill her place, only to inform us that we were playing all wrong! My friend’s small cousin had completely re-written the rules, and we were the unfortunate ones who were duped.

What if an entire society has had the rules re-written right in front of their faces. The rules that govern our society in its most fragile and fundamental core: the family.

A recent article from Life Site News gives us another reason to fear the re-writing of rules. It explains that “homosexuals are far more likely to engage in illegal and socially dangerous behaviour than heterosexuals.” Eek!

If society continues on our current track record, in order to deal with these problems, we can just re-write the rules again. Child molestation, rape, kidnapping, pornography, violent crimes against women, murder, prostitution, controlled substance use. Nope, they may well not be crimes any longer.

After all, everyone is doing it, right?

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  1. and, yes, i am still reading Theology of the Body! more to come later, my dear readers!