Tuesday, June 28, 2005

St. Irenaeus, bishop and martyr

During the consecration, one of the prayers of the Mass that the priest prays mentions the names of quite a few martyrs who died for our Faith during the early days of the Church. I don’t think I’d be alone if I said that it is hard to pay attention, or to relate to, those ancient names. Who are they really?

Well, today’s saint happens to be one of those saints. St. Irenaeus. From the breviary, we read the following:

“Saint Irenaeus was born around the year 130. Educated at Smyrna, he became the disciple of Saint Polycarp, bishop of that city. In the year 177 he was ordained a priest at Lyons in France and shortly thereafter was made bishop of that city. He composed works defending the Catholic faith against errors of the Gnostics, and it is said that he received the martyr’s crown around the year 200.”

St. Irenaeus, pray for us!

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