Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another strike at the family

The state of Illinois has issued more than one strike at the family and the intimate life between husband and wife during the celebration of “July is Health Care Month.” Among the insults, there is a $10 million dollar grant approved by executive order by Gov. Rod Blagojevich to fund embryonic stem cell research and the launching of a new contraception website. This websiteÂ’s purpose is to promote contraceptive use through persecuting doctors, pharmacists and insurance providers who wish to opt out of participation in these grave offenses against life.

First Lady Patti Blagojevich was instrumental in the launching of the website, where she claims “women can learn how to have their birth control covered by insurance.

In the introduction, Gov. Blagojevich likens the use of contraception to the use of Viagra, an argument that attempts to justify mandatory contraception as it will provide equal rights to health care that men currently enjoy.

Morally speaking, the use of male enhancement such as Viagra is disputable. After all, its purpose is to enhance a good, not destroy it. However, drugs of this type are frequently abused within marriage and used outside of marriage in adultery and fornication.

The use of contraceptives, however, is always wrong, whether inside of or outside of marriage. It destroys the conjugal act by suppressing the procreative aspect of it, as well as driving a wedge of disobedience in the couple's sacramental vows to bear and raise children in the Faith.

So... with one product used by men to enhance the marital act and the other used by women to destroy the marital act, why on earth does Gov. Blagojevich insist that laws must be enforced “to make sure that women across Illinois have the same access to affordable health care as men do?” This sounds more like abuse of women through objectification.

The governor also removes any ability for doctors, pharmacists or insurance companies to act with prudence and independent in objecting to participation in contraception.

"Whether or not you use birth control should be your decision. With the changes we've made, once you have a prescription, now your private insurance must cover it and your pharmacy must fill it," he states in the introduction.

These irresponsible actions by Gov. Blagojevich ought to be protested vigorously by citizens of Illinois as well as all people of good will.

Please visit Pharmacists for Life International for more information on the rights of pharmacists.

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