Monday, July 25, 2005

Crossroads Pro-life Walk

As some may have noticed, my blog did not appear on Friday night. This was because I hit the hay early in anticipation of meeting up with Crossroads uptown at (gasp!) 7am. This was a very joyful reunion for me because I walked with Crossroads on the 2002 walk from San Francisco, CA to Toronto, ON for World Youth Day to Washington, DC.

We prayed at the clinic at Park and 30th with the CFR Friars. There were three women who "turned around," and decided to carry their children to term after discovering all of the free resources available to them throughout the City.

After lunch with the Friars, 4 of the walkers and myself, clad in "PRO-LIFE" t-shirts headed out for a whirlwind tour of New York City. After a short walk through Harlem to the train station, we took a ride all of the way down to Wall Street to see the typical New York City sights.

Today, I was able to visit with them again for a few hours. We enjoyed dinner with Fr. Frank Pavone and the other priests associated with Priests for Life, and the walkers told us more about their experience this summer.

This group of kids does not walk to raise money or to gain glory. They don't walk to get a tan or meet friends. They walk to spread the pro-life message and to encourage Christians to get involved with the fight to build a Culture of Life.

In seeing this tremendous and inspiring Christian witness, it was only fitting that today is the saint day of St. James (St. Giacomo). St. James was the first apostle to be martyred for his Christian witness.

The gospel today, from the Gospel of St. Matthew challenges us to serve others through our work. "Whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave" (Mt. 20: 26-27). I pray that upon meditating on this Scripture, I may more fully realize my role in the pro-life movement and my vocation to serve and love others.

Crossroads will end their walk in two weeks in Washington DC. Please check the Crossroads website and blog for more information.

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  1. Hi, I met some of the Crossroads walkers on Sunday, July 24th. I went with a small group from Albany, NY, to be in the audience of Fr. Groeschel's Sunday night television show on EWTN. Six of the Crossroads walkers were there as well. They were very nice. It's so wonderful that they have devoted their time to trying to raise awareness about respect for life. In Albany, NY, we had the Crusaders for Life (from the American Life League) and Bound 4 Life. It was great to meet another group of walkers. They let me take their pictures for the Citizens Concerned for Human Life web site. This is now one of the random banners:

    The banners randomly appear on the following page:

    I hope they have a safe journey and a many successes in all their pro-life endeavors.