Tuesday, July 5, 2005

A driving force

I frequently receive questions from concerned (or downright irate) Catholics who believe their bishop or priest is hostile to the pro-life message. There are many principles to remember before casting such a rash judgment.

Our bishops and priests are under considerable pressure from many sides and must choose carefully what activities to devote the bulk of their time and energy to. The US Bishops Conference has reiterated time and again the primacy of the pro-life message, especially in their most recent "Pastoral Plan for Pro-life Activities" and "Catholics in Political Life."

This can be compared to the advice given by Pope Benedict in June in St. Peter's Square. He advised those attending the "Angelus" to be careful driving this summer, so as to avoid traffic accidents and needless loss of life. Naturally, our Holy Father cannot be in each and every car on the road this summer. Nor can he write any of the traffic laws of any country or the safety regulations of car manufacturers. In fact, he may not even drive at all! However, he has entrusted us with a message to act upon.

This same principle can be applied to statements of the Bishops on pro-life work. Our Bishops have spoken, and now it is the responsibility of individual Catholics in every walk of life, in ever career and vocation, to act upon this message with fervor!

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