Tuesday, July 12, 2005

“Essential Medicine”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has added the RU-486 combination of pills that cause abortion (if taken early enough in pregnancy under careful physician supervision) to their list of "essential medicine." They say this will help prevent more costly and dangerous illegal abortions. There are several things wrong with this argument.

First of all, this drug combination has caused the death of unsuspecting women, many of whom were seeking an abortion in secret.

Secondly, third world countries are ill-equipped to deal with the medical complications that come from use of the RU486 combination of pills.

Third, this drug does not prevent abortion; it causes an abortion.

Fourth, essential medicine and care should be prenatal vitamins and checkups, birthing and breastfeeding classes, proper food and housing, ultrasounds, emotional and physical care.

Fifth, this drug helps to break down the family and the bond of love found in marriage.

Please see RU486 Facts for more information about this drug. For a comprehensive news report, please see Life Site News.

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