Monday, July 25, 2005

Hate and venom?

Thursday's post was polluted with scandalous language and rude comments from "Jeremy" from Quebec. I respectfully deleted his comments in order to maintain a sense of decency on my blog, however Jeremy posted his statements on his blog for all to see. (Please forgive me for not using "trackback;" I'm not sure exactly how that works!)

Please read his comments, and then return here for my response.

First of all, Jeremy, you claim that Canada is much more accepting of diverse ways of life than the US will ever be, yet you are so vehemently opposed to my message that you drape your response in expletives! That hardly promotes meaningful dialogue in which either can understand each other. In lieu, it creates a war of misunderstanding and accusations.

I would only care about your "bedrooms" if it affected society at large. The personal lives of individuals always have an effect on society. Your "bedroom" extends to laws, societal attitudes, the spread of disease, corruption of the youth through bad example and education, and more. Humans do not live in small bubbles. Sadly, you have seen this through your own struggle with addictions, recovery, disease, etc. Our vices lead us to pain and suffering.

You accuse me of "hate and venom" while you shout these expletives at me!? You have migrated to Canada in search of acceptance and diversity, yet if you were content, you would have no need to come electronically down here to shout at me for expressing my own diverse way of life! It is a radically diverse way of life, a way of virtue and self-giving service to others for the sake of peace and happiness. Yes, my friend, those are the things that Christianity is made of!

Lastly, Jeremy, you have left the Catholic Church, and I can see from your blog that you still have much resentment against her. Maybe it is because of the teachings and traditions do not condone your lifestyle? I can't help but wonder why you resent her so much, and on behalf of my beloved Church, I apologize for any way in which you were unjustly hurt by her.

I welcome and invite any dialogue with you, to come to a mutual understanding of each others' lives.

But, please, please keep it "G" rated!

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  1. they scream TOLERANCE, but refuse to tolerate our diverse thinking in biblical acceptance of sin. They claim offense, yet I am offended everytime I turn around and it is in my face and the faces of my kids and gr, kids. Why are we as Christians expected to tolerate the militancy of their lifestyle choices, ( and it is a choice, and it is about a 3-letter word), and yet we cannot say we are OFFENDED?