Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tragedy for our Northern Neighbor

This week, Canada redefined the meaning of marriage in civil law to include vows between any two people, whether they be homosexual or heterosexual. This a tragedy for our Northern Neighbor, and puts the definition of marriage in our own civil laws in jeopardy.

Canada is the fourth nation to sanction sodomy behind Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. This is a dead-end situation not only for these countries, but also for the world because of the bad example they have given to so many other nations and individuals.

This step was much to the chagrin of both Canadian Bishops and The Vatican.

Please read news stories on Life Site News from yesterday and today. Life Site News is a Canada-based pro-life news service.

I am terribly troubled by this turn of events, and I beg you, my dear reader, to join me and millions of other Catholics and people of good will in praying for a restoration of the proper understanding of human sexuality in our world through the establishing of civil laws that conform to the natural law and divine law.

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