Friday, July 1, 2005

Vile and repulsive

A very vocal and vulgar group of individuals are steadily and swiftly altering the course of mankind and history as you read this. It is the gay community.

The gay community is working to normalize their unhealthy sexual habits and in the process scandalize children, disrupt families, spread diseases, destroy free speech and lead the way in promoting moral decay in our society.

In America, this radical group of activists is led by such vile groups as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Planned Parenthood (PP).

Yes, it IS America we should worry about.

This week, Spain and Canada have worked swiftly to pass laws, following in the footsteps of Holland and Belgium to legalize homosexual unions. In Spain, they also enacted what is being called “express divorce,” no-fault divorce for any reason or no reason after 3 months of marriage.

Of course, especially in Spain, this development has been greatly to the disapproval and horror of the Catholic Bishops. Please see this article on for further information.

As many know “gay pride” events were held in major cities throughout the country last weekend. New York’s own embarrassment to the world, Hillary Clinton, was among those who attended the orgy that snaked its way down 5th Ave on a hot Sunday afternoon. (A mere day after she was endorsed by the “great” Billy Graham to run for presidency. Please see Rev. Rob Schenck’s article from Faith and Action.) I will not provide any links to articles about this vile event because most include pictures and descriptions that are borderline pornographic.

Action item? Oppose the ACLU and the PP vigorously. Contact your elected representatives and urge them to oppose any measure that would give any legal recognition to homosexual unions. Also, contact the president and urge him to appoint a pro-life, pro-family justice to the Supreme Court to replace Sandra Day O’Connor.

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