Monday, August 8, 2005

Chaplain at Planned Parenthood??

In an unexpected twist of strategy, the "keep your rosaries off my ovaries" crowd has embarked on a new mission: chaplaincy within the work of the Planned Parenthood.

At the cutting edge of all-things-new in the pro-choice movement stands Planned Parenthood of California. A featured article on the website for Planned Parenthood Golden Gate explains this new "ministry" in detail.

In its infancy, the chaplaincy program currently has five such chaplains in various Planned Parenthood office in the country. Lisa Sargent is a five-year-plus veteran of the pro-choice movement, and in the capacity of chaplain, she feels she has truly found her nitch. Yet, redefining God seems to be the only purpose of the Church of the Planned Parenthood.

"Her position is rare - one of five within the national Planned Parenthood organization - and seemingly oxymoronic, violating the stereotypical separation of church and choice," states the article.

Reading into the end of it where we see that this form of "chaplaincy" means only to help people justify their sins using the same words that should be used to convict them of their sins, I cannot see how any of her "patients" actually feel relieved by her services.

"She will, however, argue with patients who come in wondering if God can ever love them again because they have had sex, they need contraception or they want an abortion."

This phrase is scary because it redefines "God" as a being who serves us, not the being that we serve. In fact, this "chaplain" must assist her patients in redefining who God is in order to justify his/her sins and bring peace to one's life. This is simply not possible.

This twisted phrase of "separation of..." has come to mean somehow that one can subscribe to a religious/ spiritual ideology, and not let it influence their own idea of morality or behavior. "God will love them anyhow."

This reminds me of Peter Singer's justification of infanticide- the person only has worth if wanted by others.

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