Friday, August 12, 2005

Policy of non-violence

The Planned Parenthood features on their website what they call "Eye on Extremism," in which they detail anti-abortion activities, placing them on the level of terrorism. While some of the events detailed are not condoned by the pro-life movement, such as the killing of clinic workers by Paul Hill in 1994, most of the events featured are simply lawful expressions of first amendment rights. These lawful events draw negative attention to the Planned Parenthood and result in loss of business. Therefore, the Planned Parenthood gets upset at these pro-life activists.

The Planned Parenthood brands certain pro-life groups, such as Operation Rescue and American Life League, as "extremist or terrorist organizations." Their leaders are also featured as "extremists," with bios that explain their history in detail.

Nonetheless, the pro-life movement adopts a policy of non-violence. Despite the empty claims of the pro-abortion movement that our message is filled with hate and condemnation, we remain steadfast in prayer and service to women, men and children in need.

Monday morning, the pro-life movement received from the Planned Parenthood the "get out of jail free" card that will last from now until we end legalized abortion: an 8 minute film on Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's website that features the killing of pro-life activists. No longer can the Planned Parenthood or any other pro-abortion group claim that our movement, the pro-life movement, is based on hate, lies or violence. This short flick shows loud and clear what the true agenda and attitude of the Planned Parenthood has been all along.

For a "play by play" of the movie, please see Dawn Eden's website.

Action item: watch the entire flick (link from Dawn's site) and write a letter to the editor of your local paper expressing your outrage and disapproval of the Planned Parenthood. If possible, mention specific activities of your local Planned Parenthood affiliate that have undermined pro-life activities, such as the presence of pro-choice escorts at the clinic.

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