Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Q: What do abortionists say about unborn pain?

A: "Evidence regarding the capacity for fetal pain is limited but indicates that fetal perception of pain is unlikely before the third trimester" (abstract from "Fetal Pain" in the Journal of the American Medical Association)

This is the conclusion made by two abortion rights activists along with their colleagues. Posing as experts in the area of fetal pain, Eleanor Drey, an abortion clinic owner and activist for unrestricted abortion rights, Susan J. Lee, a medical student and former NARAL employee, and three other medical professionals interpret limited research in the area of fetal pain without any clinical research of their own. Had these professionals taken advantage of all of the research available on this subject, they would have clearly seen that unborn children do feel pain; some research has even shown pain is felt as early as 10 weeks in the womb.

Of course, pain or no pain, abortion is a grave offense against life. Or, as Fr. Frank Pavone said yesterday, "there are many painless ways to kill both born and unborn. That doesn't make it right." Abortion supporters want to show that the unborn do not feel pain in order to justify their killing and deny their full humanity.

"The pro-life movement faces more than the challenge of demonstrating that abortion kills a human being," said Fr. Frank Pavone in his 2002 booklet Pro-life: today and always. The pro-life movement "faces the challenge of reminding people why killing is wrong in the first place."

Ironically, the pro-abortion forces not only want to perpetuate the lies that abortion is not the destroying of human life, but also claim that one of the reasons unborn human life is less than human is because it is not capable of perceiving pain.

The topic of fetal pain has not been a stranger to Fr. Frank lately, issuing a column on the subject two weeks ago and a press release yesterday.

Prophetically, Fr. Frank stated the following in his recent column:

"Many abortion supporters will, of course, continue to deny reality. As Bertrand Russell wrote, 'A fisherman once told me that fish have neither sense nor sensation, but how he knew this, he could not tell me.'"

And so they have…

For further news coverage including details about legitimate studies on fetal pain, please see Abortion fetal pain study authored by abortion rights activists at

The National Right to Life Committee issued a very thorough response; please click here.

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