Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why do they care? PPNYC on rape

In a desperate attempt to champion the rights of the abused, Planned Parenthood New York City is advertising on their website for a survey being conducted by The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. It seems odd that the number one abortion provider in the country (though not number one in NYC) is advocating for the rights of the abused. Their 2003 year report tells us why:

"After three years of advocacy, PPNYC and our sister organizations won passage of a new state law requiring hospitals that treat rape survivors to provide them with information about emergency contraception (EC) and to dispense EC on-site if a woman requests it."

In the event that emergency contraception is not successful (it is only 78-86% successful according to the Planned Parenthood), it means additional revenue for them through surgical abortion. A rape victim is potentially an emergency contraception or abortion customer if that person does not receive proper counseling after the assault. If counseled improperly, then she will mistakenly believe that a pregnancy resulting from rape ought to aborted as a part of her healing.

Testimonies of women who have conceived in rape that are included in Victims and Victors by David Reardon show rape victims, like all women, need love and support, not abortion.

"Even though I didn't have any say about the abortion, it has had a greater impact on my life than the rape/ incest." -Edith Young (p. 132)

"My sister was being sexually assaulted by my brothers for a number of years when she got her first abortion at the age of sixteen. Had she been questioned by anyone as to how a minor like herself had come to be pregnant in the first place, she could have been saved from any further abused within the family. This is indeed what should have happened in any agency that claims to be concerned about preventing child abuse. As it turned out, she was given the abortion without my parents' consent or knowledge and then returned to the same environment." -"Julie Anderson" (p. 135-136)

"I was raped by my father when I was fifteen years old… I was violated and betrayed over and over by my father, who God created to love and protect me. I was humiliated, hurt and violated again by the abortionist." –"Denise Kalasky" (p. 124-125)

Whether the efforts of the NYCAASA are pure, I am not sure yet. Rape for sexual assault victims only perpetuates their victimization. It does not help them. Let's let the victims who are brave enough to speak out continue to spread the message on behalf true health care and post- traumatic treatment.

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