Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Highlights on Planned Parenthood article on Fr. Frank Pavone

The Planned Parenthood is getting very scared about Fr. Frank's new priestly society, the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life (MEV). Here is an excerpt from yesterday's article:

"According to a report released by the Institute for Democracy Studies (IDS), Pavone and his organization endorse illegal activities and are linked to extreme elements in the anti-choice movement, while at the same time presenting a moderate, non-violent face to the public. The report notes, 'Priests for Life say they oppose violence, but their actions send a different message.'"

No, in fact, it is violence we are working against- violence in the womb. Fr. Frank always says that.

It has been said that you know you are succeeding when the enemy is scared. Keep up the good work, Fr. Frank!

Please see Priests for Life for more information.


  1. Greetings, Mary - I found this post while searching Technorati. Glad to discover another NYC-area prolifer. I've added you to my blogroll at The Dawn Patrol.

  2. Hi! Mary, it is obvious that Fr Frank Pavone and his organization have a clear policy of non-violence. "We pledge to advance a climate of understanding and non-violence" Priests for Life wrote and signed for those who have ears and eyes. In fact, people who use violence --like those killing the unborn-- live in fear that the violence they exert on others will turn on themselves. Since they became stubborn because they are in the dark, they take refuge in false accusations and lies. And people who are scared may turn more violent unless and untill light breaks into their heart of stone. Process can be slow or it may happen like lightning when the Holy Spirit wrestles the evil spirit out of a sinner who for a second had questioned his or her conscience. I have witnessed this in St James Church in Medjugorje during a healing prayer and adoration. Very impressive. The agitated local couple I witnessed was gently thrown unconscious to the ground for a few minutes, and when they woke up with surprise, they stood up and you cannot imagine the peace that was suddenly radiating from them. I was told later they were hit by the "peace of the spirit". They were not hurt at all by falling on the cement floor. Only God through our prayers with the heart can do that. Mary, you are a courageous young lady. Thank you for everything you do to help build a culture of life and for your faith in what you stand for. Always be at peace. Love in JMJ. Bernie