Thursday, September 29, 2005


I found a treasure in my inbox a few days ago. It was an email from a pro-life leader in Peru who is currently working on a pro-life conference. After explaining to me, entirely in Spanish, why he was writing, he spent some time reflecting on the current situation in Peru, which consists basically of hostile take over of the moral beliefs of the people by progressive people and feminists.

He describes the feminists in the following words: que de instinto maternal no les queda absolutamente que nada. Roughly translated, this means: those for whom the maternal instinct means absolutely nothing.

This definition commands reflection from the reader.

I used to think of myself as a "feminist " for a very brief time during the past few years as a pro-life'er. I thought, Well, I have the proper understanding of feminism, therefore, I must be a feminist. However, this is not entirely accurate. In this culture, the feminist is the woman for whom the maternal instinct is seen as an impediment to her being, not as an integral part of her being. They fail to recognize that if it were not for our physical and psychological differences, we couldn't even make claims to feminism because there would be no distinction between the sexes.

On the other hand, there is only one identifying factor on a birth certificate: boy or girl. That identification is not only the definition of our place in society, but also helps to form us in to mature, healthy adults.

Our nature is inscribed on this sexual differentiation; it creates instincts within us that are both God-given and work with our free will. This is spoken of in the first few chapters of Genesis both as a consequence of the fall as well as an indication of what being fully human is meant to be.

For men, instincts may include providing for a family. For women, instincts may mean nurturing.

Because sexual pleasure has been all but completely divorced in the mind of modern society from commitment, fulfillment or obedience, many think that sexuality is complete divorced from our being, however it is integral to our beings. Understood and exercised properly brings fullness and peace, void from feelings of shame, guilt or incompleteness.

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