Thursday, September 1, 2005

"Humanity in tragedy"

So reads the headline from Tony Perkin's Washington Update today. He goes on to describe the tremendous relief efforts of corporations and individuals, encouraging us to get involved and offer prayers for victims and their families.

Yet, amid this goodness of society, we are truly seeing "humanity in tragedy" as reports pour in of pillaging, shootings at relief helicopters and blame being placed on the members of the National Guard and Armed Forces who are working so diligently in relief aids. There are clearly two sides of humanity in the midst of a tragedy: those on the outside looking in with a solution and those on the inside looking out in despair.

The same can be said of the tragedy that America has been living in for the past 40+ years, during which time the epidemics of contraception and abortion have reigned. These two curses have created great trauma and tragedy in society. Humanity has been suffering relentlessly from the effects of contraception and abortion, yet so many people refuse to recognize the reality of the effects of sin on man.

The people on the outside looking in with a solution are the pro-life activists. These are Christians and Catholics who understand the moral law of the Church and work to promote it. They work actively in pregnancy care centers, legislative bodies, educational efforts, post-abortion care and mission work. They carefully and prayerfully analyze the teachings of the Church to discern the best way to implement them in society. They serve not only in prevention efforts, but also in crisis and "clean-up" jobs.

On the other hand are those who are on the inside looking out in despair. So deep in their tragedy, this is the pro-abortion movement who will self-destruct because they try to pull themselves out by the very same tactics that created the mess. The Planned Parenthood, under the philosophy of creating a perfect race, promoted widespread use of contraception among poor people in order to prevent births. Seeing those efforts fail, they quickly turned toward promoting abortion. Because the business revolves around allowing "sex without consequences," this vile organization also promotes homosexual unions, forced contraceptive use and sex-education. Their agenda has resulted in divorce, promiscuity, sexually transmitted disease, cultural relativism, women who deeply regret their abortions and more.

A recent example is seen in the tragedy of "Katrina." The Planned Parenthood, in lieu of providing pre-natal and delivery care for pregnant victims of Katrina, they are distributing free contraception and morning after pill prescriptions. This is hardly sensible!

So, who will we be in the midst of tragedy? Will we be the ones who pillage, gouge and harass the aid-workers? Or, will we be the ones lovingly extending charity by means of donations, sacrifices and other relief efforts?

In both the current tragedy of Katrina and the ongoing tragedy of the Culture of Death, the most important task of all of humanity is to pray and allow God to move our hearts to advance the Culture of Life and Love!

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