Friday, September 9, 2005

Pro-life help for Katrina victims

In lieu of a post tonight, I am taking this opportunity to make yet another plea to my dear readers on behalf of all of the pregnant women, babies and young children in need after Hurricane Katrina.

Jill Stanek has been keeping pro-life'ers up to date on the status of the pregnancy resource centers in Louisiana and Mississippi that need our assistance after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. These centers exist in every major city of the country, maintain themselves by volunteer work and generous donations from their community. They link pregnant women to resources and support during pregnancy. Without these centers, many women would resort to abortion because the support for her and her child would simply not exist.

The need for PRCs has risen due to Katrina. Less pregnant women now have the resources to continue their pregnancies, and the centers have been devastated by the storm.

Americans have been coming out in full-force to support those whose livelihoods were lost by this storm by donating money, housing space, time, and more. However Jill reports that the PRCs have been largely neglected in their pleas for donations due largely to the fact that they exist on a small budget to begin with. They simply do not have the money for intense advertising and fundraising campaigns, and some experience difficulty achieving grants from local and federal government.

Jill gives several suggestions of ways to help a PRC, and cites the example of a church from Illinois that is packing a semi truck full of baby supplies. One church in New Jersey is also holding a yard sale/ donation drive to send down to the PRCs.

Please consider a gift today in support of women and children in need.

God bless you!!

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