Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some of my thoughts on the "gay rights" movement

There has been more than a fair share of news stories lately on the continued efforts on behalf of homosexual activists to promote their radical and deviant agenda. Here are a few to give you a taste:

Ontario Health Minister Invites US Homosexual Medical Workers to Move to Canada
Worries About Scotland Adding Homosexuals to Hate Crimes Law
Scouts targeted in San Diego: Homosexual, atheist activists to march on camp
Judge rules gay couples can receive health insurance benefits

In addition, a courageous move by the Catholic Church that will ban gay men, whether celibate or not, from the priesthood has triggered another wave of rage amongst the forces within the culture of death.

The many "pro-family" groups that have arisen in the past few years amongst conservative circles are experiencing more than a few difficulties. The pro-life (anti-abortion) movement is simply too overwhelmed with the responsibility of bringing an end to abortion and euthanasia to work on the offense against anti-family forces, yet these newly formed pro-family groups lack the funding, exposure and support.

With so much work to do and so little resources, I propose a strategy change within the pro-life movement. What would happen if we really got back to the basics? How well would our arguments hold if we shifted our focus to promoting an understanding of the human person in light of natural law in lieu of our many defensive techniques

In the beginning of the summer, I attended a day-long conference given by Christopher West, during which he touched on all of the subjects regarding the pro-life/pro-family movement from the point of view of a proper understanding of human sexuality. This type of education is necessary for a complete understanding of the Church's teachings simply because taken one issue at a time, it is nearly impossible to fully grasp.

I have been blessed with an undergraduate degree in theology with a minor in human life studies. But even with this, I recognize that there is some much more that must be learned about the Church's teaching and its practical application to our lives.

I am a firm believer in the inherent goodness of each individual person. For this reason, I find in difficult to believe that a woman will actually have an abortion, that a man will actually cheat on his wife with a man, that young people will actually engage in premarital sexual affairs, etc… Yet, all of these things happen. It is so hard for me to believe that the people behind the culture of death are exactly the same as the people behind the culture of life: they are human beings made in the image and likeness of God. They have been given the tremendous gift of free will and the responsibilities to choose wisely. The difference comes with what each individual chooses to do with his or her free will: a choice to follow and serve God or a choice to follow and serve the devil.

Let us pray…

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