Tuesday, October 4, 2005

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

And the first thing I am going to tell you is, "Don't support the Susan G. Komen Foundation!" While wearing pink and jogging for the cure in your local park seem like positive ways to help women, the organizations behind these events subscribe to an agenda quite contrary to the pro-life message. Not only do they refuse to mention the scientifically proven link between abortion and breast cancer, but the Komen Foundation also donates to the Planned Parenthood, the nations' leading abortion provider.

Operation Rescue celebrated Respect Life Sunday at Denver's Komen event, and there they encountered some angry abortion supporters. Please read their story after reading this post, which will provide some key information about the link between abortion and breast cancer.

One of the leading organizations dedicated to exposing the "ABC" link is the Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer.

The ABC Coalition, through their website, outlines the medical correlation between abortion and breast cancer and provides updated information as well as action items.

"Our purpose is to educate women about abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer, help preserve their health and save lives," states the website. "Women have the exclusive right to be decision makers where their own healthcare is concerned."

The ABC Coalition cites nearly 40 studies since 1968 that show how abortion greatly increases the risk of breast cancer. (This was long before the nation-wide legalization of abortion.)

On the other hand, the Komen Foundation, through its statewide affiliates, donates money to Planned Parenthood. While the Komen Foundation designates this money to be used for breast cancer detection exams when give it to Planned Parenthood, there is no certainty that it is not being used to promote the organization's immoral anti-life agenda.

In addition to donating funds to the abortion provider, the Komen Foundation does not recognize the link between abortion and the increase likelihood of developing breast cancer.

While brave enough to mention use of chemical contraceptives as a risk factor, their list fails to mention the instance of abortion as a risk factor.

Yet, they are so bold as to claim that they recognize advances in research. Their website states the following.

"Yet while there have certainly been great advances in our knowledge, it’s still not perfectly understood what ultimately causes breast cancer to develop. It’s likely a combination of risk factors (many of which are still unknown) that together make cells in the breast turn cancerous. But exactly why a certain combination of factors might cause cancer in a particular woman and another combination would not is still unclear."

The cancer itself as well as this cover-up are just show more ways that abortion hurts women.

Here are some ways that you can boycott the Komen celebrations, and promote the pro-life message:
Don't buy Yoplait yogurt or other products that boast of supporting the pro-abortion cause.
Find out who the corporate sponsors of the local Komen group are, and let them know you will boycott them for the month of October.
Put out a pretty pink yard sign with slogans like "Women have the right to know that abortion causes breast cancer."
Write a letter to the editor of your local paper; remember to be factual and concise.
Donate to the Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer.

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