Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas: the new 4-letter word

Those who have suffered through past Christmases with me know that I am very bad at sending Christmas cards. I get so busy, then I get overwhelmed, then it's the New Year, and once again, no one got a flat, little present from me. Sad, but true.

But, that's not the reason my friends and family may not see Christmas cards this year. This year, I simply can't find cards that portray the Christmas message. I spent my lunch hour at a local card story today, and not only did I trip over a display of candy canes and nearly break my neck and my leg, but I also search in vain for Christmas cards with a Christmas message.

Somehow, mentioning the Reason for the season has turned into a crime. And who is leading the assault other than every American's worst enemy: the ACLU. School districts are banning teachers from mentioning Christmas break and banning students from wearing red and green; towns are banning the displaying of nativity scenes; card stores won't stock anything that will offend the agnostic who celebrates "the holidays" but would rather offend the Christians who celebrate the Holy Day of Christmas.

But, there are organizations that are leading the fight to protect Christmas as well as the other religious freedoms guaranteed in the Founding Documents of our Nation. Among them are the Alliance Defense Fund and the Family Research Council. Please keep up with their work; subscribe to their daily updates and follow their action items.

So, as we prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas through the penitential season of Advent, let us remember to pray that our religious freedom won't be stripped from us in the name of "separation of church and state" or any other bogus claim that being American and being Christian are incompatible.

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