Tuesday, November 8, 2005

"The Last Abortion Clinic"

Tonight, a PBS Frontline special highlighted the political and legislative tactics used by pro-life organizations to regulate abortion, close abortion clinics and provide positive alternatives for women.

Unfortunately, this documentary was nothing more than an opportunity for the mainstream media, under the guise of objective reporting for public television, to tell a story of the big, bad pro-life'er coming to trample on women's rights… in the name of women's rights. It presented the pro-abortion side as the weak damsel in need of the helping hand of all sympathetic parties.

"It only attempted to take a neutral position, " said Joe Lanzilotti, student at Ave Maria University and pro-life activist. Make no mistake, this documentary was anything but neutral. The documentary gave an improper perception of pro-life activists as well as the movement itself.

I couldn't help while watching to think of those who honestly trust the mainstream media for accurate information about current events. These people allow their opinion to be changed at will by the public opinion portrayed in the media. In making pro-life activists seem like the ones who disregard the Constitution and a model of extremism, the person who is "one-the-fence" on abortion could have been quickly pushed to the pro-choice side. They used the guilt tactics of pointing out the inaccessibility of abortion to poor and rural women as a hindrance to equal access to this "right." Their eugenics mentality, the mentality that began the Planned Parenthood was put right in our faces, but in a way that would convince anyone of the legitimacy of abortion for these cases. But, abortion for these women does not help them; it only continues to push them into despair and poverty.

"They made it seem like pro-life activists take care of women merely as a tactic to end abortion," Lanzilotti said. "What they don't realize is that we do care for women; they are victims too."

The show emphasized that pro-life'ers don't care about women after the birth of the child. But, the truth is that pro-choice supporters don't care about women after abortion! This has become increasingly evident by the rise of abortion recovery ministries, all run by pro-life activists. We do the clean up job for the damage done by the abortion providers. Of course we want to regulate abortion. They have demonstrated the inability to self-regulate like every other medical field has succeeded in doing.

"The Frontline documentary contained typical rhetoric from abortion advocates and blatantly disregarded new developments in research and public awareness about the negative impact abortion has on women, children and families," said Kristen Panico, pro-life activist who helped with the formation of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

Despite the plea at the end for help in the form of the desperate realization by the pro-choice movement that they are loosing, Panico reiterated the determination with which pro-life activists work.

Said Panico, "what they do not realize is that we will never give up because women deserve better than abortion."


  1. Sadly, I didn't watch the PBS program.

    I want to congratulate you for your work. I am really happy for you. You are doing a superb job.

    Just one question: what is your position on torture? sorry, i had to ask. You know why. Terms such as prolife, dignity of human person, selfhood, etc. comes to my mind...(alfonso)

  2. Mary, I intended to watch this program and missed it, too; as I was looking for reviews, I was happy to see you covered it.

    Now I can see I didn't miss much more than the usual rhetoric. What a shame. Thank you very much for your coverage of the program, and your other excellent articles.

  3. Thanks for your comments- I appreciate your input and your readership!

    My position on torture? Torture and manipulation are grave offenses against life, and ought not be tolerated.