Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Pro-life medical students- where to turn?

I sometimes notice trends in the emails I receive from various pro-life volunteers and supporters through out the country. Today, I found a unusually large amount of mail from concerned medical students looking for pro-life support in their studies. Sadly, I have yet to come in contact with a large-scale pro-life medical student association. While there are a few organizations that have college outreaches, there are none specifically for medical students.

There are several pro-life medical associations already in place, and with their guidance, I think it would be quite possible for a group of med students such as these to launch a pro-life association. That is exactly how Med Students for Choice began over 10 years ago- pro-abortion medical students got together and made it happen. MSFC is a national organization that has gained much momentum both in the medical community, and in the work of the pro-abortion movement at large.

Here is the advice I gave, and I welcome any input or information about individual pro-life medical student groups. Please send this to liveprolife at gmail dot com. Thank you!

Dr. Byron Calhoun from the American Association of Pro-life Ob/ Gyn's has expressed interest in forming a pro-life group of medical students. Also, this organization is helpful for those who anticipate an Ob/Gyn practice.

One More Soul is a group that promotes “NFP only” physicians of various types of medical practices.

American Collegians for Life is an extensive network of pro-life student groups from various colleges and universities. ACL holds an annual student conference during the weekend nearest to the March for Life, which I highly recommend.

The Feminists for Life college outreach program may be helpful; the message of Feminists for Life is taken very well by college students.

The National Catholic Bioethics Center promotes the dignity of life in healthcare. They have a great internship program, and they offer expert consultations in union with the teachings of the Catholic Church on difficult medical decisions.

Lastly, the Catholic Medical Association may or may not have an interest in a Catholic or pro-life med students group, but their partnership is certainly invaluable.

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  1. great observations, grannygrump. thanks so much!

    another key issue is contraception. many pediatricians are even perscribing dangerous chemical contreceptives to the adolescents. doctors who oppose this are under much persecution for their stance.