Friday, December 2, 2005

Let them have their holiday. Let us have our faith.

My friend Ruben wrote this after hearing stories from people like me who are finding it impossible to find Christ in the commercialism of Christmas

A friend of mine recently went shopping for Christmas cards but came up empty handed – there weren’t any Christmas cards to be found! Had she been looking for “Holiday” cards instead, she would have been in luck.

The successful de-Christianization of our culture has brought this society to the point of celebrating “Holiday”. This is actually very good news indeed! Instead of having to purchase separate cards for Christmas, now one merely has to purchase a single set of “Holiday” cards for use throughout the year. In fact, the “Holiday tree” should be kept up year round and decorated with seasonal “decorations” – elves in December and chocolate rabbits in April.

And who knows, maybe if we celebrated Holiday at other times of the year, it will help the economy! Imagine hoards of people waiting overnight in line for hours for the opening day of “holiday” sales in the spring! I’m surprised the executives at Wal-Mart haven’t already come up with this plan.

On a serious note, maybe it’s time to give these holidays back to the modern day pagans. If people want their holiday tree, so be it. It has such little to do with the Birth of Christ and only muddies the water concerning Advent. Maybe in this way can the message of the birth of Christ be proclaimed with clarity.

Ask children what this Holiday is about, and they’ll respond with words like “Santa Claus, Gifts, and reindeer”.

Call me counter cultural, but I have taught my son that there isn’t a Santa Claus. His mother and I have brought him up to know the story of Saint Nicholas. We explained to him that for others, all they know about is Santa Claus, and that Santa Claus represents a misunderstanding of Saint Nicholas. My son has clarity on the Advent season, and maybe it’s a good thing to separate the commercialized Christmas, and its representative Mr. Claus, from Advent. Let the pagans have their “holiday”, and let us Christians have our faith.

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