Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Walking wounded"

(This post is not as well-thought out as I would have liked, but I do hope that you understand what I am trying to say!)

I am not sure where this phrase comes from, but it fits perfectly in the reality of our generation: all of us are walking wounded by the aftereffects of the sins on many levels, with the foremost of them being abortion. Abortion was and still is sold to women as the last-ditch solution to the "venereal disease" of an unplanned pregnancy (as Dr. Willard Cates of the Centers for Disease Control once said).

Fr. Frank Pavone has an article co-written with Dr. Philip Ney on the phenomenon known as "survivors syndrome." According to the article, all of us are survivors of abortion in one way or another, whether because we have biological siblings who were aborted or if we experienced abortion ourselves.

To get to the point, the idea for this post came while on an ice skating marathon in the City this weekend at Bryant Park. They had a beautiful Christmas tree that must have been 8 stories tall. Every ornament was the same, so I was curious what the ornament was. Disappointed, I read of the political agenda behind their seemingly Christmas display. "We all have AIDS," each ornament read.

What on earth are they proposing here? That we should all share this devastating disease much like we all share the emotional trauma of abortion? There is a difference, however, in that most AIDS cases are amongst those who have persisted in deviant sexual behavior such as homosexuality and fornication while knowing the physical effects of the disease. There are even those who chase the AIDS virus around and derive pleasure through spreading the disease. Everyone knows that AIDS is a disgusting disease that leads to a painful and unsightly death.

On the other hand, no woman gets an abortion simply because she wants to live with the harmful after effects. A woman who resorts to abortion does so because she perceives that it has many positive after effects such as freedom from the responsibility of a child, health reasons, financial stability, etc. Women do not desire the harmful consequences which by far outweigh any perceived "good" that can come from the procedure. No one knows of these devastating side effects, or they would never consider abortion a viable option in light of a difficult or undesired pregnancy

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