Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The wrong way to minister to sexually confused youth

When I was in high school, I was completely scandalized when my parish priest along with the youth group director of the parish and several wealthy families became key players in the development of a gay advocacy group in the Charlotte, Time Out Youth. Their slogan says it all about them, "It's OK to be gay!" they purport.

I had always known that there were several gay persons at our parish, and I always knew that engaging in homosexual relations was not compatible with being Catholic. Within 3 or 4 years, a parish that would boast of standing room only on Sunday mornings became what resembled a ghost town. Most families left out of complete disgust and outrage. The few that stayed did so in hopes of changing the parish. My family finally left about 2 years ago for a neighboring parish, turning away from the parish where we all received our first Communion and Confirmation. Now, the families and individuals left at that parish have a grip on their homosexual agenda.

So, when I ran across the announcement from the Diocese of Cincinnati today that they are developing a new program to promote advocacy for homosexual youth. The program does not sound promising in the least.

Reading the document, The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, we are provided with a morally licit and logically sound guideline for handling such situations. It presents a model of sex education that begins in the home, taught by parents, who are always the first teachers of their children.

I have seen personally how improper ministry to the sexually confused does not promote a true Catholic identity, but only serves to break down the Church. Perhaps Church supported groups, particularly ones supported by the Catholic Church, can take some advice from the what the Church actually teaches in implementing programs and groups to assist sexually troubled youth.

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