Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reflection on the March for Life

Hopefully most of you were able to attend the March for Life in Washington, DC or another pro-life event this past weekend to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I attended the March for Life, and I saw many old friends, met new friends, learned new things and helped others to become more effective in their own pro-life work. It was a productive and busy weekend!

At a great Irish breakfast with a friend from high school that I only get to see at the March and one of his friends, we pondered the idea of what we pro-life activists will do once abortion is illegal. The March for Life provides an opportunity to see those friends that are only e-mail correspondence or short phone conversations for the rest of the year. But, being Catholic (as is true for any Christian) gives me the hope that we will all be united again in heaven where we will have the eternal March for Life with Our God and all the angels and saints throughout time.

I have noticed that the biggest response from the March has been the question "How do I get more involved?" In lieu of delving into a deep topic (which I will do tomorrow in covering the release of Pope Benedict's first encyclical document), I want to provide you with some action items to keep up the pro-life spirit throughout the year.

First of all, pray for the end to abortion. A weekly holy hour is a simple way to stay focused on prayer in addition to Mass daily and personal prayer time.

Fr. Frank Pavone has a great list of action items from his "Defending Life" and "Gospel of Life" shows. Some of these are quite simple, so no excuses!

College students and young people, I invite you to participate in Crossroads pro-life walk next summer. This will be the second summer of three cross-country walks from May-August. Pray, raise awareness of the pro-life movement, meet fellow pro-life activists across the country, and more!

Every state has a state pro-life group sponsored by National Right to Life. Contact them, and ask how you can help.

On the website for the OptionLine, find the nearest pro-life pregnancy resource center and ask them how you can help their organization. Some ways they will need help are through fundraising, advertising, volunteering, baby drives and more.

If you are Catholic, your diocese should have a pro-life committee that always needs additional help to spread the pro-life message within the Church. Diocesan pro-life work is in union with the Secretariat of Pro-life Activities of the USCCB.

Host a campaign event to expose post-abortion pain through the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

And, finally, read an article that quotes me on UPI. This article is about the impact of blogging on the pro-life movement. My focus in blogging is to keep the "average Joe" connected, informed and activated. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting those resources. It was good to see you at the March. I signed up for an account on this website just so I could comment on your blog!

  2. great to see you there, too, Mary!! God bless!