Friday, January 6, 2006

Teen opinion poll on abortion, homosexuality and gun rights

Hamilton College teamed up with Zogby Polling Company in order to conduct a new public opinion survey of high school seniors from across the country on abortion, gun rights and homosexuality.

According to the poll, the majority of students believe that abortion is wrong, and they would support limitations to its legality. Furthermore, 70% of the females stated that if pregnant, they would not abort the child.

The full report of the poll reveals more specific information, but I would like to comment on the sadness of the inconsistency in morality seen in this poll. These seniors, while recognizing the inappropriateness of abortion, are more tolerant of deviant sexual behaviors, namely homosexuality. The majority of these seniors say they would support giving legal recognition to their unions. This is very sad; while the pro-life movement is trying hard to save the lives of unborn babies, somehow the entire philosophy of our message, a message of hope, honor and love, has been lost. We are loosing the souls of teenagers in regards to homosexuality while winning their hearts to the pro-life message.

I also found it peculiar that together with these two issues, they also polled on opinion on gun control rights. These three things were lumped together in one poll because they are all "hot button" issues. I follow the news fairly well, and I have not see controversy surrounding bearing arms lately. Furthermore, there actually is a constitutional amendment that protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, where there is not a constitutional right allows homosexual unions or abortion.


  1. well, maybe there should be a Constitutional amendment to give the right to homosexual people to get married. For what I know, it can be done since all country constitutions are written by people.

    Something that has bothered me for a long time is the fact that, for me, it is almost impossible to conceive how conservative people advocate in favor of penalizing abortion and defend so much the right to kill one another with guns that were bought 'for the sake of self-defense'... and i am not even talking about nuclear weapons used against innocent civilians under such an argument!

    éxitos en el 2006 Maria!

  2. Very insightful to note the seemingly non sequitur combination of abortion with gun rights. These are "hot topics" among the news media elite who attempt to push these issues. Note the coverage of Supreme Court nominees; one would think the only issue before the Court is abortion. Both gun control and abortion are issues which belittle the value of the "little man's" right to life. At least, that's the only connection I can see.

  3. From the survey results: "35 percent of high school seniors say they know of someone at their school who has been shot or threatened with a gun." So? How many know of someone who has been in a traffic accident? Does that mean that poor driving is universal? No. Notoriety does not make for ubiquitousness. One person may be known by the entire school. This is just a cheap way to inflate one's statistics.

  4. What is the basis for you assuming that homosexuality is morally wrong? Abortion and guns brings obvious harms to society whereas homosexuality does not. This is so clear that even teens can see it. Please explain yourself.