Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ugandan bishops get to root of abortion problem

In late January, the bishops of Uganda gave an open letter addressing their concerns about the UN "Protocol to the African Charter on Human Rights and People's Rights: On the Rights of Women in Africa." This charter would basically assure unrestricted abortion within the African nations that adopted it.

To the defense of life, the bishops cite the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda that assures the right to life of the unborn, therefore condemning abortion. "Abortion is always a defeat of humanity" and a "fundamental evil," the bishops stated. They go on to say, "In the history of humanity, never has such an objective evil been presented and approved as a right."

The bishops even take a hit at the so-called "hard cases" of pregnancy, which are usually result in abortion due to physician influence, social pressure, and legal allowance. "The situations of severe distress… (rape, incest, sexual assault) cannot create the right to suppress an innocent life." The reason for this is simple: abortion after these sad abuses do NOTHING to solve the problem rape, incest and sexual assault. In fact, they only serve to help the oppressor, driving the victim into further despair.

After outlining the drastic measures that the charter takes, especially in a broad definition of "women's health," the letter addresses the continued need for a respect for human sexuality.

In conclusion, we say to our fellow Ugandans: the greatest gift of the Creator to humanity is the gift of life. Accepting that gift means also welcoming the beautiful gift of human sexuality, through which the Creator has chosen to channel His gift of new life. Only a full understanding of the precious, yet complex, gift of human sexuality, and the consequent efforts to protect and value it, can build a healthy society. The legislation of our country cannot be ambiguous on this point. This is the task we all have.

These bishops have it right: understanding the complexity of the gift of human sexuality is the only way to build a healthy society!

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