Monday, February 27, 2006

Website Exposes Dangers of Contraception to Marriage and Society

A national campaign to expose the negative aspects of contraception launched today. The web-based campaign, originating out of New York, is called "No Room for Contraception."

Issues surrounding so-called emergency contraception have brought the issue of birth control to the political forefront. In order to contribute to this ongoing debate, the No Room for Contraception team has launched a website to point out the often under-exposed negative effects of widespread contraception use.

"For decades, very few people of reproductive age were aware of negative side aspects of birth control," said Ruben Obregon, co-founder of the campaign. "The campaign will highlight the negative effects of contraception, including emergency contraception."

On the issue of emergency contraception, Obregon said, "Pharmacies should not be forced to fill prescriptions for so-called emergency contraception, especially since these drugs potentially prevent the implantation of a newly created human being. Companies like Wal-Mart need to think twice before caving into the pressure of the abortion rights movement to stock these drugs."

The issue of emergency contraception is just one aspect of a larger campaign to change society's dependence on contraception.

"More and more women are coming forward with stories of regret for the use of artificial contraception and surgical sterilization, stating that it had negative effects on their marriage." said Mary Worthington, the other co-founder of the campaign "No Room for Contraception is dedicated to exposing these stories along with the growing amount of scientific and sociological research showing contraception's adverse side effects."

The campaign's website can be found at

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