Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do women want contraception?

A 2006 headline from Brazil read "Women are worried about birth control and domestic violence" The article goes on to say that this is the opinion of Zuleica Albuquerque, national adviser to the Family and Food and Nutritional Security Unit of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO). Well, that certainly doesn't sound like what women want, but what is one woman's agenda.

Albuquerque states that access to artificial contraceptives is "especially for poorer women in more remote areas," Let's not forget that Albuquerque's goals sound much like the on-going agenda of the Planned Parenthood: eugenics.

It is quite misleading to claim that women want to have birth control imposed on them. Furthermore, Albuquerque calls for empowering of women against abuse. But, can't birth control be considered abuse? Men get to expect unlimited sex from women without regard for her health or the natural consequences of sex, children.

If we look at the observations of well-known population and contraception researcher Steven Mosher on Mexican women and the priority of contraception, we can see that women actually aren't desperate for birth control access! In fact, it ranked lowest amongst their concerns, which included potable water, vaccinations and spousal and child abuse. Learning about Natural Family Planning ranked fourth on the list! Yet, this is the one area of female health that birth control advocates, in the name of reproductive health care, refuse to address!

Mosher states:

The single most striking result of the survey was the dismal showing of Reproductive Health.  This category of health care, defined as the limitation of childbearing by means of contraception and sterilization, came in dead last.  The Mexican women we surveyed would prefer almost any kind of health care to the kind of "either-IUD-or-Ligation" programs that they have been force-fed the past few decades.

Many proponents of family planning will view these results as contradictory. They will ask how the Mexicans can praise Natural Family Planning on the one hand, while condemning reproductive health care on the other. They will maintain that the two family planning methods are merely different means to the same (i.e., anti-natal) end? They will be wrong.

As it turns out, the people of Mexico have a far better understanding of the differences between Natural Family Planning and reproductive health care than the controllers. And they vastly prefer a method over which they have intimate control-NFP-- to the permanent, or semi-permanent methods imposed by the National Population Council and the U.N. Population Fund.

Let's start to give women, children and families what they really need: care! Not coercion and societal suicide!

It's a throwback! This post originally published in 2006.

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