Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So-called "Family Planning" pushed on Jamaicans

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health of the country of Jamaica issued a statement encouraging contraception based sexual health at the reopening of a "family planning" clinic that Jamaicans are urged to take advantage of.

Ironically, Minister of Health John Junor claims that this new campaign to encourage the use of artificial contraceptives will reduce poverty, child and maternal mortality, and the spread of AIDS. All three of these claims have already been shown completely baseless by many pro-life experts, such as Steve Mosher of the Population Research Institute and Chuck Donovan and Bob Marshall in their book, Blessed are the Barren.

They claim that the clinics will provide pre- and post-natal care, which is perhaps where their claim of reducing child and maternal mortality comes from, but this is doubtless. Most likely, the Ministry of Health has bought the lies of the Planned Parenthood who works closely with Jamaica's "FAMPLAN" organization.

"Studies have outlined that in developing countries, success in family planning programmes occur when the responsibilities are shared among governments and non-government organizations and that is the kind of partnership we intend to maintain," Junor stated in the article.

First, I'd like to see those studies…

Next, I'd like to point out that if this the collaboration between FAMPLAN and Planned Parenthood is what he is referring to, Planned Parenthood is not a non-government organization. It's a very powerful federally funded machine of the US Government to spread the idea of eugenics, abortion, promiscuity, contraception and irresponsibility on individuals, families and societies around the country.

So, people of Jamaica, steer clear of the advances of these schemes. If you truly seek to rise from this horrid poverty, turn to Natural Family Planning. Turn away from improper sexual relations. The same things that they say are keeping you in poverty are driving people around the world into poverty and societal suicide. Don't let that happen to your country.

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  1. Why are you so obsessed with other peoples' sex lives?