Monday, March 13, 2006

Some interesting days to commemorate

I compiled this interesting list of dates to commemorate, celebrate, protest or use to educate. It's certainly not exhaustive, and most of the dates apply only to 2006, but I hope they give you some good ideas for pro-life work!

January- Cervical Health Awareness Month
January- National Birth Defects Prevention Month
January 15- Martin Luther King Day
February- Black History Month
February, week of Valentine├é’s day- National Condom Week
March- Women in History Month
March 8- International Women's Day
March 9- Day of Invitation to Abortion Providers
March 10- Abortionists├é’ Appreciation Day
April- Sexual Assault Awareness Month
April- National Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Awareness Month
April 6- A Day to End Sexual Violence
April 3-9- National Public Health Week
April 7- World Health Day
May- Older Americans Month
May- National Trauma Awareness Month
May 4- Mother's Day Comes Early for Too Many of Our Nation's Teens Day
May 7- Prevent Teen Pregnancy Day
May 14-20- National Women's Health Week
May 16- Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day
May 18- HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
July- Health Care Month- state of Illinois
Week surrounding July 25 (anniversary of Humanae Vitae)- Natural Family Planning awareness week.
August 1-7 World Breastfeeding Week
September- Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
September- PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Awareness Month
September- Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
September 10-World Suicide Prevention Day-
September 25th, 2006 (date varies year-to-year)- Family Dinner Day info at
October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October- Pornography Awareness Month
October- National Family Sexuality Education Month
October- Hispanic History/Heritage Month
October- National Gay and Lesbian History Month
November- National Hospice Month
November- National Adoption Month
November- National Family Caregivers Month
November 21- Pre-maturity Awareness Day
December 1- World AIDS Day

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