Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The opposite of Mother is NOT Father.

Some people call women who have failed miserably at motherhood or who have started evil things because of their rejection of motherhood fathers. This infuriates me! The opposite of mother is not father! On the contrary, while we live in a society that downplays men and fathers as loafs. Just look at sitcoms and commercials! We need to reclaim the word father and begin to up build men in their role as fathers or future fathers.

There is one woman in particular that serves as a perfect example for this cultural phenomenon of degrading fatherhood and the term father. It's Margaret Sanger, the founder of the Planned Parenthood. Those who (rightfully) despise the work she has done call her the "father of the Planned Parenthood and modern contraception" because she rejected her motherhood. They say that she "fathered" the abortion movement, and therefore should be called a father.

However, a father is someone who brings forth a blessing (new life) and then cares for the child and his/her mother through his service and self-sacrifice. Nothing about promoting abortion reminds me of the role of fathering, and therefore, that term should not be used.

One of Margaret Sanger's contemporaries and heroes was Adolf Hitler who founded Nazism and killed millions of people because of his eugenic agenda. Sanger held just the same eugenics agenda, however she implemented different means to destroy the lives of those that she felt were lesser human beings. Nonetheless, it's the same agenda. But, do we call Hitler the "mother" of Nazism? No! The feminists as well as all mothers would be up in arms! Yes, he rejected his call to be a man and a father who would normally protect life, not destroy it. But, his rejection of that call does not make him a mother or anything close; it makes him a man who failed at understanding his calling as a male.

Let's reclaim the use of the word "father!" We need to be constantly uplifting men and uplifting the idea of fatherhood. To use "father" as a sort of curse word only feeds society's obsession with undercutting men and their dignity.

It's a throwback! This post originally published in 2005.


  1. Neil Noesen, Pharm.D.December 26, 2006 at 2:09 PM

    Mary Worthington, thank you for your work for the Gospel. I saw your name today on the website below which I received from one of my google alerts for "conscience clause." I am a pharmacist (single, but not looking for a wife right now), living in St. Paul, MN. I wanted to reach out to you and hope to build a bridge of solidarity. Thank you for your great postings on your blog. In Christ, Neil Noesen


  2. It would be very sad if we redefined father. God refers to Himself in His relationship to us as a father. Can you imagine if God being our heavenly father meant that He will not be there for us and may even hurt and abuse us. Fathers have a tough job to do because they must emulate our true Father and we cannot lower those expectations.