Wednesday, April 25, 2007

31 pictures of a dog

On my way to work, I heard a ad on the radio for a new PetSmart location in my area. "For all you pet parents..." Ugh!! I knew I had to blog about that. Then, it got worse. A high school friend who just got married posted some pictures on Facebook. 31 different pictures of the dog that she and her new husband just got. Babies don't even get that much attention! It's sick!!!

Why are slobbery, shedding, smelly DOGS the new baby? And, why on earth do they now have health insurance for pets? There was a heart-throbbing-- or should I say gut-wrenching-- article in Parade Magazine in the newspaper on Sunday about the expense of heath care for pets. My goodness. It's a dog!

When I grow up, I want 31 children, not 31 pictures of a dog. Seriously, who could you be more proud of-- a child that will learn to be potty trained or a pet that you have to be popper scooper for for the next 15 years.. 3 times a day? Would you rather a child who could bring home a proud report card or a dog that will chew your couch to pieces when you're at work for the day? Would you rather have a child who can grow to genuinely love and admire you or a dog that doesn't even know you're speaking English to it?


  1. dios mio, Mary, you are crazy... We talked about your dogs on a beautiful afternoon in Austria. Honor them if they departed.. Dogs are the best friend of man. I bought a german sherpherd by the way.Jejeje, my wife did not like it. BUT she had not had dogs before. You Do.... adios

  2. I like your blog site I've never seen it before! I do agree with you about how crazy some people can be with dogs. Me and my husband Chris did just get a puppy in Sept. but our baby (due in Aug)will always be our pride and joy. Our dog is a really good pet, but he's a "pet" and will never lose sight of that! LOL

  3. You're funny, Marjorie! Congrats on the baby!!!! That's the first I've heard. Does the rest of Gen Life know yet??? I'd be happy to spread the news!

  4. I don't think they know, so feel free to spread the news!