Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yoga: just a workout?

Last Sunday, Father Roux condemned yoga as a practice for Catholics. From the pulpit. During the busiest Sunday Mass.

Immediately, grumbling began and some congregants began to distract themselves from the remainder of the homily by playing Angry Birds on their cell phones.  

It is generally not known that the practice of yoga is practicing for the observation of Hinduism. This is a completely different theological and spiritual understanding of God than provided through the Holy Catholic Church.

Father John Hardon-- who died over ten years ago-- explained in well in a 1998 article:
Yoga is incompatible with Catholicism because the best known practice of Hindu spirituality is Yoga. “Inner” Hinduism professes pantheism, which denies that there is only one infinite Being who created the world out of nothing. This pantheistic Hinduism says to the multitude of uncultured believers who follow the ways of the gods that they will receive the reward of the gods.

What's a Catholic to do if he or she likes the "workout" provided in yoga? Try Pilates. Try running. Try stretch training. 

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