Saturday, April 28, 2012

High Flying Love

I had the most lovely visit and interview with Murrell and Kitty Cook who have been married for 63 years! What a happy and joyful couple. If I ready a story where a couple claimed to have never fought in their entire marriage-- let along a marriage that has lasted for six decades so far-- I'd think you were kidding! But spending a few hours with the Cooks I can tell you: This is a couple really did it!

The Cooks with pictures of prize-winning '53 Thunderbird
CHARLOTTE — On a clear evening in 1948, Murrell Cook took his girlfriend Kitty up in a twin-engine plane – just the two of them – to watch the sun set over Charlotte. She thought nothing more of it than another chance to practice her flying with the World War II vet who was helping her earn her pilot's license.

 But when they were flying high above the city, Murrell used that opportunity to pop the question.

 "I figured if I had her up there, there wasn't much she could do about it!" Murrell laughs.

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