Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorial to the Unborn

Yesterday as I sat through a very moving and touching Memorial Day service in honor of our valiant servicemen and women, I couldn't help but think of the need for a Memorial Day for the Unborn.

The soldier who spoke yesterday in Mocksville gave the number of causalities and length of many of America's wars, including the current Global War on Terror in which over 4,700 American servicemen have been killed. This is the longest running war that America has been engaged in.

Unless you count the true war on women.

The war on the unborn.

Just as Memorial Day-- the last Monday of May-- is a way for grieving Moms, Dads, Wives, Husbands, Children, Siblings, Cousins to remember their fallen heroes, a Memorial Day for the Unborn would be a chance for women to mourn together and remember the children they will never know.

In less than a year, we will reach the 40th anniversary of legal abortion in America. This has yielded 53 million abortions which leaves behind hundreds of millions of Mothers, Fathers, Siblings, and other family members who are grieving and mourning. They don't know if they lost a brother or a sister, a son or a daughter. They cannot speculate what they would have been when they grew up. They cannot recall the memory of their face or the sound of their laugh. They mourn the children the never had the chance to hold and love.

Let's plan a Memorial Day for our country to grieve, mourn and repent for giving such suffering to our unborn and their families through the War on the Unborn that we have been enduring for the past four decades.

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