Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's not hate speech, but love-talk

This afternoon was the first Mass of newly-ordained priest Father Jason Barone. The Solemn High Mass was at St. Ann in Charlotte. The homily was given by Father Frederick Miller, STD, a priest-teacher at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary in Maryland.

photo by the Catholic News Herald
Father Miller explained the gospel, explained the priesthood, and explained the duty of the spiritual work of mercy of explaining the faith. He spoke of the necessity of forming young Catholics to understand the teachings of the Church, specifically in regard to moral issues of abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, cohabitation, contraception, etc. He said that today, you can no longer assume that someone knows right from wrong or why.

Such instruction and admonition is considered "hate speech" often in our PC culture, but Father Miller assured us:
Preaching these truths is the opposite of hate speech, but love-talk.
Indeed, when someone is in error, the goodness of God's grace in his or her conscience often tells him or her, "Stop! Watch out!" However, we have a way of ignoring good sense our gut reaction and rather turn toward sin as if it is a great new adventure. How difficult it is to see a friend take this path, especially when you've been down the path before... and wished someone had told you, "Wake up!  Don't you see you're hurting yourself and your relationships?!"

This action, as Father explained, is not hate speech, but the most loving plea to a friend: that we want his or her soul in heaven.

Let's pray for the virtue of fortitude for our priests in their priestly ministry and for ourselves as we bring Christ to the world as lay men and women.

Two other highlights from the homily are:

  • Virginity is a great gift, and it is the greatest gift a wife can give her husband and a husband can give his wife.
  • Mary the Mother of Christ is the most beautiful "church." (aka, dwelling of God)  No other Church, no matter how beautiful, is more beautiful than she is. There is more grace in Mary than evil in the world.
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