Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My thoughts on Melinda Gates' new agenda

The Catholic Church is a lone ranger speaking out against contraception. Yet, many Catholics do not understand or accept why the Church insists on what she does regarding birth control.

When he implemented Humanae Vitae in 1968, Pope Paul VI did so with thorough reasons, taking into consideration the health and welfare of women, government's role, and the environment. Therefore, statements like this made in May by Melinda Gates -- who isn't shy about saying that she's Catholic-- bring me great sadness.

This week, she is hosting a summit in the UK, and I heard her interview with Jeremy Hobson on NPR Monday morning. Melinda and I have similar concerns about women's needs and health, however a much different opinion of how to resolve these problems.

While the fine points of theology and liturgy require much more thought and research, knowledge of the Catholic Church's teachings on birth control are common knowledge. Often, however, Catholics stop at knowing what the Church teaches and do not realize there is a why.

Why is the fish glowing?
The one aspect of birth control I want to focus on today is harm to the environment. There is a tremendous amount of harm done to the environment with each birth control pill that is swallowed. Scientists in England revealed a study on in April, in which they commented:
This is a very exciting development in the international effort to understand the impact of estrogenic chemicals on the environment and human health.
Furthermore, in 2004, the World Health Organization declared that hormonal birth control is a carcinogenic.

What Melinda Gates could have said is that if an organization like the WHO who is so dedicated to population control is wary of hormonal contraceptives, then perhaps society needs to continue to question its use, not redistribute it to poor and often ignorant women who do not know or understand the health and environmental implications of it.